Mobility assistance for visually impaired people

There are 253 million people who are visually impaired worldwide. In Europe according to the WHO , World Health Organization, 0.2% of people are blind and 1.3% of people live with low vision. The DREES , Center of Research, Evaluation Studies and Statistics, has estimated the number of people with visual impairment being 1,700,000 in France, that is about 3% of the population. This figure increases with life expectancy.

Visual disability is therefore a real problem to which solutions must be found, for example with technological aids. Nowadays ICT , Information and Communication Technologies, helps people with special needs, especially people with visual impairments, to improve their quality of life by integrating them better into the digital society. Indeed, the performances and the constantly decreasing cost of technologies make it possible to achieve what a few years ago would have been a dream.

The ACCESSPACE project is one of the international projects of LITIS, Laboratory of Computer Science, Information Processing and Systems. This project, carried out with the Espace Handicap of the University of Rouen, concerns the design and implementation of navigation assistance for people with visual impairments.

This site gathers information on the mobility of people with visual impairment, on academic projects, on technologies designed and carried out in this field, as well as projects and collaborations on this subject.